The main activity of the company is the performance of contract research and development work.

The company has its own research center, production, a staff of highly qualified engineers and managers, and also has strong and trusting relationships with leading universities and state research institutions of the country.

The research and development work carried out by the company resulted in unique technological developments in various fields, the application of which allows elegantly and effectively solving many questions that previously caused serious problems. We received more than 20 patents for inventions and utility models.

Finished R&D

  • In 2003-2004 under the State contract with the Fund for the Promotion of the Development of Small Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere, an R&D was carried out and various technologies for packaging and immobilization of radioactive, chemical, toxic and organic wastes were proposed. A number of patents have been obtained. In particular, a development work aimed at developing a technology for the utilization of ash generated during sludge incineration was completed under a contract with SUE Vodokanal of St. Petersburg.
  • In the framework of work on the federal target program “Development of Civil Marine Equipment” for 2009 – 2016, the company completed the following projects
    • as the lead contractor:
      • in 2009 research work “Development of a technology to radically reduce the impact on technological transport and tripping operations of regular and irregular waves on spatial structures such as the system” truss platform – moored vessel “,” berth – moored vessel “.
      • in 2013, the R&D “Development of technology and the creation of a prototype of a new generation of high-performance domestic filter of seawater of a modular design for marine technological and sanitary systems”, which resulted in the development of a universal tool for deepwater purification from mechanical impurities, the T-RIVER system with the fineness of cleaning from 30 microns. T-RIVER systems can be used for water treatment in shipbuilding, housing and communal services, and industrial enterprises.
    • as a co-executor:
      • R&D “Development of requirements for the formation of technology for ensuring the tightness of the shipyard’s automatic control gearbox”
      • Research work “Creating a prototype of an automated system for monitoring the purity parameters of washing water”
      • Development work “Development and manufacture of models for protecting the soil base of gravity-type platforms from erosion”
      • Research work “Development of the concept of emergency rescue operations in high latitudes and proposals for technical means for their implementation”
      • Development work “Development of technologies for creating air regeneration systems for new generation non-nuclear submarines” – a safer and more efficient system for air regeneration in a closed space of domestic production.

Promising areas

In order to develop the accumulated scientific and technical potential and open new scientific horizons, the company plans to develop such topics in the future as:

  • The Ice-Wave R&D complex for the development of pilot projects and their full-scale implementation for the engineering the destruction of waves and the reduction of the ice impact on the efficiency and safety of hydraulic structures on the Arctic shelf;
  • Scientific research work “Magnesite”. Adaptation of the MMSK technology to the tasks of hydraulic engineering construction in the conditions of the Arctic shelf;
  • Development work “Filter-universal” – development of a universal technology for creating a line of ship filters;
  • R&D complex for the development of fundamentally new technical means of search and rescue in ice;
  • R&D “Development of a technology for the production of highly efficient universal filter elements for the mechanical cleaning of liquid and gaseous media in ship systems of the Navy”  – it will allow us to develop a universal technology for the production of filtering elements for water and gas purification based on the results of our previous R&D. The entire range of filters used on ships and ships will be manufactured using a single technology on universal equipment;
  • R&D “Development of the technology for the preparation and remote laying of heavy concrete mixtures based on magnesia binders with absorbing and radiation-impermeable fillers for remote filling of uninhabited objects, including immobilization of radiation and chemical toxic sources, including emergency ones, in special compartments for the disposal of ships (vessels) from nuclear power plants and anti-terrorist operation ships ” this will allow us to develop a technology for the disposal of large surface nuclear ships based on the magnesia-mineral-salt composition by grouting reactor compartment indirect location of the vessel, its cutting and further transportation to final disassembly.
  • R&D “Development and manufacture of an industrial plant for the immobilization of liquid tritium containing radioactive waste using crystalline hydrates”.

We invite to cooperation interested companies and government agencies.