Waste Management and Decommissioning

Radioactive waste management (RW)

—According to the IAEA recommendations the most promising method of radioactive wastes burial is in geological formations.

—The UNTPP conditions provide storage and treatment of fluent and solid radioactive wastes only underground in special underground workings. For RW management we use an owl developed technology — the Magnesia-Mineral-Salt Composition. Read more about in section Ecology.

Decommissioning of the plant

  • —The underground premises are used as burial sites for «dirty» equipment of the power unit by making them monolith or filling with solid. The  hull structures are utilized by marine technologies;
  • —No need to execute dismounting operations of the radioactive equipment or its decay during long period;
  • —Underground workings for nuclear power plant power units are used as radioactive wastes mortuary after decommissioning of the plant;
  • —No need to control the radiation environment on the industrial site during long time;
  • —The cost of decommissioning of the plant is about 10% from the amount of initial investments. The cost of decommissioning of big nuclear power plants according to the Bellona Foundation is 25-30%.

Other details:

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