Construction of the UNTPP

On shore placement of the Underground nuclear thermal power plant
в шахте
On ground placement of the Underground nuclear thermal power plant in shafts


The plant is placed on two levels: underground and on the daylight surface. The equipment of the thermal power plant is placed in surface buildings. The area of the daylight surface is less than 1 sq. m. Ship nuclear power modules are placed in tunnels with section 12×18 m and  length about 150 m at depth not less than 50 m. The total area is about 200,000 sq. meter or 25,000 sq. meter at footprint. The underground part contains all equipment and systems which constitute a radiation hazard. The transportation of assembled power modules is performed by a well-proven technology on floating self-propelled docks like «Stakhanovets Kotov».

Versions of the tunnel UNTPP depending on their possible location:

  • Version of a multimodule UNTPP-300 «wet» type


  • Version of a multimodule UNTPP-300 «dry» type


Elementary UNTPP-300 arrangement diagram (plan view)


  1. landing platform
  2. leak-tight lock
  3. electrical unit
  4. turbo-generator installation boiler unit
  5. turbogenerator unit
  6. Cofferdam
  7. nuclear power unit
  8. «wet» spent fuel assembly and utility spaces
  9. radioactive waste treatment chamber
  10. lock-chamber
  11. transport tunnel
  12. sanitary inspection room
  13. containment of the nuclear power unit


Tunnel section with placed nuclear power module:




Other details:

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