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TWELL Ltd. works on the Russian market since 1999. Initially the company was established for promotion and realization of advanced project in atomic energy sector. However the rapid development of the Mining and Milling industry in Russia and all over the world and as result the demand for highly qualified engineering services in this area maintained a diversification of the company.

Currently the company works in several main areas:

  • Industrial automation;
  • Marine technologies;
  • Radiation technologies;
  • Mineral processing;
  • Small fleet construction.

TWELL Ltd. is carrying out different types of contract works and a special attention we pay to promotion of own innovative solutions made for comprehensive solution of the most important economic target. Twenty one of them are secured by patents on inventions and utility models.

Licenses and certificates


ГоЦИССРОСС RU.ФК23.К00320 -ТВЭЛЛ сертификат

licenseЛицензия изготовление ТВЭЛЛЛицензия конструирование ТВЭЛЛ

Diploma and Awards

MMSC_diploma1MMSC_diploma2UNTPP_diplomaNeva2013Infospace2013 Transcon2011Neva2011


patent_airfilter patent_airwatermix patent_icebreak patent_mineralprocessing2 patent_mineralprocessing patent_mineralprocessing3 patent_RWcomposition patent_RWimmo patent_RWmethod patent_scrubber patent_seaground patent_seaground2 patent_seaground2 patent_UNTPP patent_waterfilter patent_waterfilterelement пи 2530079patent_waterpurification patent_wave patent_welding

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